CRI Funded Scientists

Shadmehr Demehri, MD, PhD, CLIP Investigator

Massachusetts General Hospital

Area of Research: Skin Cancer

While immunotherapy has proven effective against several types of late stage cancers, there have so far been few efforts to use immunotherapy against early stage cancers. To that end, Dr. Shawn Demehri has been investigating an immune-related factor found on the skin that appears to protect against the early stages of skin cancer development. In a clinical trial, his team found that this factor in combination with chemotherapy stimulated immune response that were able to completely clear away skin cancer precursors in patients. Now, to help fully harness the potential of this approach, Dr. Demehri is determining the targets that these factor-activated immune cells go after and determine the mechanism by which they are able to eliminate premalignant skin cells. Overall, the aims of this research should help to establish the fundamental role of immune activation in successfully treating cancer during the early stages of its development.

I'm making a future where patients' own immune systems can be leveraged to prevent cancer development and recurrence -Dr. Shadmehr Demehri, CRI Scientist

Projects and Grants

CD4+ T cell Immunity against Early Skin Carcinogenesis

Massachusetts General Hospital | Skin Cancer | 2017

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