CRI Funded Scientists

Kevin Ng, PhD , Dr. Keith Landesman Memorial Fellow

The Rockefeller University

Area of Research: Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Kevin Ng is investigating the role of immune B cells in colorectal cancer. Despite advancements in immunotherapy, patients with colorectal cancer often do not respond to treatment. Emerging evidence indicates that B cells may play a role in cancer development and may also influence response to immunotherapy. However, the triggers for B cell responses and their interactions with other immune cells in controlling tumor growth remain poorly understood. 

Dr. Ng’s objective is to comprehend how B cells undergo rewiring to recognize tumors and tumor-associated bacteria. Utilizing a mouse model of colorectal cancer, he is exploring how these cells regulate tumor growth and responses to immunotherapy. By identifying the conditions that foster the most potent anti-tumor B cells, Dr. Ng aims to leverage existing technology to develop vaccines that inhibit tumor development. Additionally, his studies will establish a pipeline for identifying therapeutic antibodies targeting cancer cells. 

Projects and Grants

Deciphering the contribution of germinal centers to tumor control 

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