CRI Funded Scientists

Ahmet Bugra Tufan, PhD , CRI-Irvington Postdoctoral Fellow

Boston Children's Hospital

Area of Research: All Cancers

Dr. Ahmet Bugra Tufan is delving into the role of factors released from cells following Gasdermin D activation, exploring their impact on immune cell responses against both cancer and pathogenic invasions. In healthy cells, microbial infections trigger pyroptosis, a cell death pathway that involves the release of intracellular proteins and factors. Gasdermin proteins are crucial regulators of pyroptosis and unconventional protein secretion (UPS).  

Gasdermins create channels in the cell membrane allowing the release of cellular fluids. These released molecules, deemed alarming proteins, play a vital role in guiding neighboring cells to the sites of infection and cell death. Dr. Tufan’s primary focus is on live cell UPS, aiming to identify factors that can drive immune cell activation against cancer cells. The ultimate goal is to develop innovative therapeutic approaches that extend the reach and effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy. 

Projects and Grants

Mechanisms and functions of live cell release of DAMPs by GSDMD pores 

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