CRI Funded Scientists

Ilia Kurochkin, PhD, CRI Immuno-Informatics Fellow

Lund University (Sweden)

Area of Research: All Cancers

Dr. Ilia Kurochkin is deciphering the regulatory networks that govern cell identity and function in order to design ways to reprogram them and improve their anti-cancer capabilities.

To that end, Dr. Kurochkin is establishing a screening platform at the single-cell level to determine whether various combinations of regulators can reprogram skin cells and induce them to become immune cells.

By labeling each immune regulator with a specific tag that enables tracking, he aims to provide a map of the regulators that can generate specific types of immune cells. Additionally, Dr. Kurochkin plans to use computational tools to analyze and identify combinations of regulators for each immune cell type.

Collectively, Dr. Kurochkin hopes his work can provide comprehensive insights into the regulatory networks underlying immune cell development and provide a toolbox to modulate the immune system. The project will open unprecedented applications of immune cells and their functions in cancer, autoimmunity, senescence, and aging.

Projects and Grants

REPROcode: A single-cell platform to define transcription factors for immune cell reprogramming

Lund Unversity | All Cancers | 2023 | Filipe Pereira, PhD

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