CRI Funded Scientists

Barsha Dash, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellowship

La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Area of Research: All Cancers

T cells of the immune system have the remarkable ability to expand in numbers and to kill infected or cancerous cells. In recent years, T cells have been successfully engineered for boosted anti-tumor function against some blood cancers in humans. However, cancers of solid organs remain especially challenging to defeat as their hostile microenvironments subvert T cell killing capacity and curtail T cell expansion, thereby imposing a state of T cell dysfunction known as ‘exhaustion’.

Dr. Dash’s research aims to fortify T cells by identifying and altering the expression of genes that impart greater resilience against T cell exhaustion in solid organ tumors. Firstly, Dr. Dash will characterize the functions and understand the mechanisms of a novel molecular mediator identified in the Hogan Lab which sustains robust T cell expansion in experimental models of solid cancers. Secondly, she will use these insights as fulcrums to engineer T cells with improved function that can target, fight and kill solid tumors.

Her research is expected to shed novel insights into the designs and molecular requirements for wiring T cells to become superb cancer killers in human patients.

Projects and Grants

Engineered NFKBID expression to improve TIL anti-tumor activity

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