CRI Funded Scientists

Jean-Paul Wolinsky, MD, CRI-Chordoma Foundation CLIP Investigator

Northwestern University

Area of Research: Sarcoma

Chordoma is a type of sarcoma that occurs in the skull base and along the spinal column, and despite tremendous advances in treatments for other cancers, there are still no FDA-approved treatment options specifically for people with chordoma. Chordoma tumors are often infiltrated by cancer-fighting T cells and macrophages, but there is not yet a comprehensive mapping of the chordoma tumor-immune microenvironment. Therefore, Dr. Wolinsky, whose lab focuses on the immune composition of central nervous system tumors, seeks to perform the first such mapping using fresh patient samples. Wolinsky also plans to test how different immunotherapies impact immune activity in the chordoma tumor environment, and ultimately identify new immune-based strategies to treat chordoma.

Projects and Grants

The Identification and Rational Targeting of Immune Suppression in Malignant Chordoma

Northwestern University | Sarcoma | 2021

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