CRI Funded Scientists

Hilary Ann Coller, PhD, CLIP Investigator

University of California, Los Angeles

Area of Research: All Cancers, Melanoma

Autophagy is a cellular degradation pathway that, when it occurs in cancer cells, can impact the growth and behavior of the resulting tumor. The precise effects of stromal autophagy—as well as how they are mediated—are not well understood, though. Dr. Hillary Coller has developed a novel model that allows her to investigate how stromal autophagy affects the interactions between different cell types within the tumor environment. Specifically, she’s investigating how autophagy in the stroma might influence the response to immunotherapy. These insights could then potentially be used to develop complementary therapies that make immunotherapy more effective and improve patient survival.

Projects and Grants

Testing stromal autophagy as a predictor of melanoma immunity

University of California, Los Angeles | All Cancers, Melanoma | 2017

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