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Brain Tumor Awareness Month: 2021 Immunotherapy Research Updates

On November 25, 2020, the U.S. FDA granted accelerated approval to the anti-GD2 antibody naxitamab in combination with the activating immunomodulator GM-CSF (granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor) for a subset of pediatric and adult patients with neuroblastoma. This approval of an immunomodulatory macrophage demonstrates how scientists and clinicians are bringing more immune cells into the anti-cancer armamentarium.

This May for Brain Tumor Awareness Month, we look at new research, new treatments, and how we’re working toward a future immune to cancers of the brain and nervous system.

Brad Silver, brain cancer survivorBrain Cancer Patient Story

An avid athlete, it was a surprise when Brad was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme at just age 44. He enrolled in a clinical trial combining surgery with a dendritic cell vaccine.

Read Brad’s Brain Cancer Story

Dr. Gavin Peter DunnBrain Cancer Scientist Spotlight

CRI Lloyd J. Old STAR Gavin Peter Dunn, MD, PhD, focuses on understanding the immune response to malignant brain cancers and how to use this knowledge to improve treatment for patients, including which cells present brain tumor material to the immune system and what brain tumor-specific molecules are recognized by the immune system.

Discover Dr. Dunn’s brain cancer research

BrainImmunotherapy for Brain Cancer
Information Updated

There are currently five FDA-approved immunotherapy options for brain and nervous system cancers. As the research and treatment landscape evolves, we keep our information up to date.

VIEW immunotherapy for Brain Cancer UPDATE

stethoscopeFind a Brain Cancer Clinical Trial

A variety of new and promising cancer immunotherapy treatments are only available to patients in clinical trials. Help speed the development of potentially lifesaving drugs. Discover trials for which you or a loved one may be eligible with the CRI Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Finder.

FIND A Cancer Clinical TRIAL

Support Brain Cancer Research

CRI CLIP Investigator Manuel Valiente, PhD, of the Fundacion Centro Nacional De Investigaciones Oncologicas Carlos III in Spain is leading a new international collaboration to digitally pool and organize information on brain metastasis, with the aim of facilitating research and speeding up obtaining results and effective therapies. This Brain Cancer Awareness Month, support lifesaving cancer immunotherapy research.

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