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Our Most Valuable Resource

Our global network of scientists, which includes the best minds in academia, biotech, and pharma, supports CRI’s role as a global hub in the field of immunotherapy. We fund, support, and work with internationally renowned scientists and immuno-oncology experts that have their fingers on the pulse of groundbreaking discoveries in cancer research.

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A Community of Experts

CRI’s community of immuno-oncology experts advise CRI on setting its scientific priorities, evaluating and selecting research funding recipients, and contributing to the design and implementation of CRI’s innovative laboratory and clinical research initiatives.

The Next Wave

As we advance the next wave of immunotherapy research, it is essential that CRI and its network of partners continue to scout for highly promising scientists and projects, all while carrying out lifesaving immunotherapy research that is advancing the science underpinning smarter, more effective cancer treatments.

The CRI Network includes:

Dr James Allison

Scientific Advisory Council

Composed of leaders in immunology and immuno-oncology, including four Nobel laureates, the Scientific Advisory Council guides the Cancer Research Institute’s research programs, deciding which promising scientific and medical research proposals will receive CRI funding and support.

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CRI-Funded Scientists

More than 3,500 scientists have received funding from CRI, many of whom have advanced in their careers to top positions in academic research and industry. As part of the CRI Network, they bring a rich diversity of perspectives and insights that propel CRI’s research programs forward as invited committee members, consultants, speakers at CRI events, and friends.

Science Award Winners

Each year, CRI honors outstanding individuals whose contributions to cancer research have significantly advanced our mission to save more lives. Through scientific discovery or corporate and philanthropic leadership, these exceptional people have helped fuel cutting-edge research and facilitated scientific breakthroughs in powerful immunotherapy treatments.

The William B. Coley Award for Distinguished Research in Basic and Tumor Immunology, regarded as the Nobel of cancer immunotherapy research, has been given to some of the world’s most gifted scientists. Their work has deepened our understanding of the immune system’s response to cancer and other diseases and advanced the development of effective immunotherapies.

The Frederick W. Alt Award for New Discoveries in Immunology is presented annually to a former Cancer Research Institute postdoctoral fellow in recognition of outstanding success in advancing scientific research that has made a major impact in the field of immunology.

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