70 Years of Discovery

In the quest to conquer cancer, the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) stands at the forefront of a revolution that has transformed the landscape of cancer treatment. Celebrating 70 years of relentless pursuit and innovation, CRI’s journey is a testament to the power of immunotherapy—turning the promise of immunotherapy into a tangible reality for millions worldwide.

A Legacy of Breakthroughs

Extraordinary milestones have marked the past seven decades. From the nascent days of immunotherapy research to witnessing its designation as the “Scientific Breakthrough of the Year” by Science in 2013, CRI has been the bedrock of funding and support in this transformative field.

CRI’s unwavering commitment to fueling discovery and development has catalyzed advancements not seen since the 1940s. Behind every scientific discovery, every novel treatment, and every patient story, lies the support and vision of CRI.

As we commemorate this 70-year milestone, we reflect on the tireless efforts of thousands of scientists, researchers, and advocates who have been part of this extraordinary journey.

Forging Ahead with Vision and Courage

In a world where the battle against cancer continues, CRI remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of research, funding innovative studies, and fostering the next generation of scientific leaders. Our approach is holistic, encompassing not only the pursuit of cutting-edge clinical and laboratory research but also supporting those who face cancer head-on: the patients and their families.

This promotional video, “CRI: Funding 70 Years of Discovery in Cancer Immunotherapy,” encapsulates the essence of CRI’s mission and achievements. Through the stories of patients whose lives have been transformed by immunotherapy to the insights of scientists who are leading the way in cancer research, this video invites viewers into the heart of CRI’s work. It’s a journey of hope, resilience, and unwavering dedication to creating a world immune to cancer.

As we look to the future, CRI is poised to lead the charge towards groundbreaking discoveries and treatments. The path forward is illuminated by data, biology, and the collective strength of a community united against cancer.

Join us in celebrating this monumental anniversary. Watch the video, explore Ways to Give to CRI’s cancer research, and Donate Now to be a part of history that’s changing the face of cancer treatment. Because together, we can achieve the unimaginable: a world immune to cancer.


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