Immunotherapy at a glance

The Solution to Cancer:
Personalized, Powerful, Predictable

Research indicates that immunotherapy may offer a long-term solution to ending certain forms of cancer.

The Answer to Cancer

Immunotherapy capitalizes on the innate power of the immune system to eliminate cancer, giving patients hope for a cure. By taking advantage of our immune system’s ability to remember cancer cells, there is the potential to offer patients permanent protection against cancer recurrence.

Large colorized cancer celll

Solving a Global Health Crisis

Approximately 40% or 3 billion people alive today will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime.

2018 expenditures for cancer care in the U.S. was $150.8 billion.

By 2040, the number of global cancer-related deaths is expected to rise by 73% to 16.4 million.

By 2030, the number of cancer survivors is projected to increase to 22.2 million in the U.S. alone.

Impacting Every Day While Transforming Tomorrow

Immunotherapy is here and is leading to highly effective cancer treatments for patients around the world. To that end, CRI offers valuable tools, support, and insights to hasten the advancement of immunotherapy research, propelling it forward to reach its greatest potential.

Our immune system is the greatest weapon we have in the fight against cancer

The immune system can adapt continuously and dynamically to keep pace with cancer’s rate of mutation and growth.

Specifically, it targets constantly mutating cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. Immunotherapy is a “living drug” that remains active thanks to the immune system’s “memory,” enabling it to keep up and even outpace cancer.

Immunotherapy research is vital to understanding key resistance levers in patient responses and overcoming treatment failures. With breakthroughs happening at a rapid pace, it is our hope and collective goal to see that immunotherapy becomes readily available to the patients that need it.

You can help

You can help us make immunotherapy a cancer treatment option for more patients. Together, we can shift the focus from fighting cancer to overcoming cancer.

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