• For a World Immune to Cancer

    We established immunotherapy as the fourth pillar in treating cancer for one reason only – to save more lives.

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  • Inventing the Next Wave in Immunotherapy

    Breakthrough science has given researchers, clinicians, and patients new hope in the fight against cancer. With recent discoveries in immunotherapy treatments and an increased understanding of the immune system’s role in fighting disease, we are closer than ever before to transforming all cancers into curable diseases.

    The Best Minds

    Supporting and training scientists today for breakthrough discoveries in immunotherapy. We fund both open-ended laboratory research and data-driven clinical studies and turn discoveries into real-world results that save lives.

    Promoting the Power of Our Immune System

    CRI funds scientists from around the world to advance new avenues of discovery, new technologies, and new ways to analyze and share data about our immune system and its power to outsmart cancer — with the shared goal of making immunotherapy a lifesaving treatment for all cancers.

    The IO Research Intelligence Center

    As the science of cancer immunotherapy advances and the amount of data generated in clinical and laboratory studies grows exponentially, CRI is harnessing this information and putting it into the hands of our global community of research scientists to help speed the discovery and development of cancer cures.

    Data on its own is not enough. We need to make sense of data within what we already know about cancer immunology. We need to marry data science, bioinformatics, and cancer immunology if we are going to take the next big leap of developing immunotherapies that are effective for all cancers.

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    Make a gift today to make an impact now. Memorial and Honor donations also welcome. Your tax-deductible gift will fuel the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for all cancers.

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    Other Ways to Support CRI

    We offer many convenient ways to support our mission. Be a fundraiser. Make a planned gift. Donate a vehicle. Explore all the many ways you can join in our lifesaving work.

    Other Ways to Give

    Conquering Cancer Together

    We cultivate lasting strategic partnerships with research institutions, cancer treatment centers, biopharmaceutical companies, and nonprofits to facilitate innovation in immuno-oncology and advance new lifesaving immunotherapies for more patients.

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    Annual Reports

    CRI’s annual reports recount our accomplishments in the previous fiscal year.

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    Charity Ratings & Reporting

    The Cancer Research Institute is a top-rated nonprofit organization.

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    Stay current on the latest cancer immunotherapy and CRI developments.

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    Media Room

    Browse CRI press releases, news articles, and subject matter experts.

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    Patient Summits

    Patient Summits connect cancer patients with scientific and medical experts.

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    View immunotherapy webinars and how CRI’s work is impacting cancer research.

    Bring to Life More Cures, Together

    Become part of CRI’s mission to create a
    world immune to cancer

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