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A Poll on Advanced NSCLC
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New Survey Identifies Areas Physicians Feel More Research is Needed for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment

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About the Survey

In partnership with Regeneron, we commissioned a survey through Harris Poll of 250 U.S.-based medical oncologists* to gather perspectives on the current research and treatment landscape of advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the most common form of lung cancer, which is diagnosed in advanced stages 75% of the time. Despite ongoing advances, oncologists say more clinical research would be beneficial in several areas to help improve outcomes for people with this cancer.

*Physicians who qualified for and successfully completed the survey were compensated for their participation.


The survey findings suggest that oncologists believe advanced NSCLC patients would benefit from further research of combination treatments, subpopulations and biomarkers that could potentially help tailor treatment approaches.

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of oncologists agree that it is important to have multiple treatment options available for their patients

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7 in 10

oncologists feel more research is needed into combination treatments involving immunotherapy

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of oncologists feel that more research needs to be done to improve treatment options for known biomarkers

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of oncologists believe any comorbidities or metastatic sites would be moderately/significantly positively impacted by further clinical research

Perspective from the Community

“These findings remind us there is still work to do and that our collective dedication to the research of advanced NSCLC, specifically in areas such as biomarker testing and treatment of subpopulations, is crucial to ensuring our patients have the best possible options available to them.”

– Julie Brahmer, M.D., M.Sc., Co-Director of the Upper Aerodigestive Department, Bloomberg Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy at Johns Hopkins

Julie Brahmer, Ph.D.


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CRI Press Release

Read our announcement of the survey results.

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Survey Results Fact Sheet

Learn more about key findings from the survey.

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