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Our Mission: Save more lives by fueling the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for all cancers.

Stopping All Cancers, For Good

Scientific research is the key to finding the answer to all forms of cancer. CRI’s focus on the immune system has resulted in millions of lives saved worldwide, and with your help, we promise to save the lives of millions more.

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Supercharging Breakthroughs

  • The answer to cancer is within each of us — our immune system.

    New scientific breakthroughs have revealed that the immune system has the power to seek out and destroy cancer cells anywhere in our bodies. Immunotherapies are a new class of cancer treatments that mobilize our immune system and equip it to break through cancer’s defenses. As a result, millions of cancer patients from around the world now have more treatment options, more hope, and more chances of living a longer life.

  • Immunotherapy: A Treatment Unlike Any Other

    Based on decades of scientific research, numerous immune-based approaches have been found to treat, and in some cases cure, some of the most prevalent and aggressive forms of cancers. Chemotherapy and radiation act directly on the cancer cells but also can damage healthy cells. The therapeutic activity of these older treatments is limited to the time of treatment. In contrast, immunotherapy helps the immune system specifically target cancer cells, sparing normal tissue.

  • A Universal Answer to Cancer

    Immunotherapy has the potential to become a universal treatment for all cancers. The positive responses in millions of patients treated with immunotherapy have established proof of concept. Immunotherapy can be administered alone or in combination with conventional treatments, making it an effective and smarter way to treat cancer. We are certain that immunotherapy will one day prove effective in treating patients with any type of cancer.

    Without further progress in cancer research, cancer is poised to become the number one cause of death worldwide. Immunotherapy research offers the greatest hope for a world immune to cancer.

Taking Action To Save More Lives

Working with our global alliance of researchers, supporters, patients, and advocates, CRI is able to identify and fund the brightest and most promising cancer immunotherapy scientists worldwide—all while promoting awareness, sharing up-to-date immunotherapy information, and inspiring lifelong advocacy for the cause.

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