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Harley Costley’s Immunotherapy Story

Melanoma |  Diagnosed 2018

One day at a time, thankful for each day, and don’t give up

Questions and Answers

How and when did you first learn you had cancer?

I had a mole that started growing, itching and burning. I couldn’t see the physical changes, but reported it at my next doctor visit. Referred to a dermatologist who performed a biopsy. I got a call a week later with the news. 2 surgeries, 30 positive lymph nodes out of 80 removed. Completed radiation therapy, and radiosurgery. Now at T1a N3a M0, stage 4

How did you learn about immunotherapy and why did you decide to do it?

Was looking for any alternative to chemo. I have watched family members go through chemo, and I wanted no part of it. I started with internet searches, and only used sources that were reliable, such a CRI.

What was treatment like? Did you have any side effects?

Tolerating nivolumab (Opdivo) very well. No side effects so far, and I will have cycle 6 next week.

How did immunotherapy compare to other treatments you may have received, if any?

I have only done radiation treatment, radiosurgery (for 2 small metastatic melanoma in the brain, and nivolumab

Are there things that surprise you about the cancer experience?

I am amazed at the progress in the medical and cancer fields, by giving new options for people who had no hope 20 years ago.

What would you want another patient to know about immunotherapy or about participating in a clinical trial?

If you can, ask for immunotherapy, less side effects, been able to stay active,

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