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The Vital Connection Between Cancer and the Immune System

March 30, 2016

When considering treatment options, cancer patients and caregivers often face an uphill battle in understanding the technical language of immunotherapy. In order to provide them and others interested in the field with accurate and relevant information about this new approach to treating cancer, the Cancer Research Institute has updated its publication, Cancer and the Immune System: The Vital Connection.

The 45-page e-book features current information on the latest clinical developments in the rapidly advancing field of cancer immunotherapy, and is equipped with simplified illustrations, animated videos, and a glossary to help patients and caregivers better understand how the immune system and cancer interact.cancer and the immune system

Read or download Cancer and the Immune System.

The book is written with the curious layperson in mind and addresses a number of topics about cancer, the immune system, and cancer immunotherapy, such as:

  • How cancer develops
  • The two arms of the immune system: innate immunity and adaptive immunity
  • The humoral and cellular immune responses
  • Historical origins of cancer immunotherapy
  • Types of cancer immunotherapy, including antibodies, cancer vaccines, checkpoint blockade, and adoptive cell therapy
  • Combination therapy: the future of cancer treatment

Immunotherapy is increasingly recognized as a promising and powerful way to treat cancer. Yet more education and work needs to be done to bring the benefits of immunotherapy to more types of cancer and more patients. Our hope at CRI is that this publication will be a helpful resource for those wishing to understand the fundamentals of cancer immunotherapy, and that it will spark new conversations about this revolutionary approach to cancer treatment.

Read or download a PDF of Cancer and the Immune System.

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