Our Team

Ryan Godfrey

Senior Manager, Research Programs

Ryan Godfrey joined the Cancer Research Institute in 2017 as grants administrator, responsible for facilitating the full lifecycle of CRI’s grantmaking efforts. He works as the direct liaison to more than 170 grantees who collectively receive $30 million awarded annually, ensuring that every research project meets CRI’s high standards for funding.

Prior to joining CRI, Ryan worked for Foster and Adoptive Family Services to manage grant funding available to foster, adoptive, and homeless youth in New Jersey to pursue a post-secondary education.

Ryan graduated from Drew University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. It was here that he learned the significance of the nonprofit sector’s power to bring about great positive change. He aspires to continue working in the nonprofit sector, helping to support the advancement of cancer treatments.

In his spare time, Ryan likes to get outdoors to practice his photography, hike, and cycle.

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