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Your support of CRI directly impacts the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for all types of cancers—funding more breakthroughs and saving more lives.

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Immunotherapy has the profound potential to cure all types of cancer.

CRI funds the full spectrum of discovery, from lab to clinic to cure.

Have Questions?

What materials can CRI provide me with for my event?

CRI has created a Team CRI Fundraising Kit [PDF] to help community fundraisers get started and plan successful fundraising events, including general Team CRI guidelines, event ideas and “how-to” materials, and sample language and templates. For your event, CRI can provide donation envelopes and donor tracking forms, facts sheets on CRI and cancer immunotherapy, and other resources as available, such as CRI stickers or other promotional items.

How can I obtain these materials?

When you register to join Team CRI, you will automatically receive our Team CRI Fundraising Kit via email. To request additional materials for your fundraiser, email us at [email protected] and indicate the type and quantity of materials requested. We will try to accommodate your request as available resources allow. Please allow up to three weeks for mail delivery. If you would like more than the quantity provided or if you would like to help save costs for CRI by printing the materials yourself, please contact us and we will provide you with the electronic documents.

Can a CRI representative attend my event?

Because the Cancer Research Institute has a very lean staff, we are generally unable to represent CRI at independent fundraising events. We are happy to provide materials and messaging, which you can find in our Team CRI Fundraising Kit and other complimentary event materials, which will help you tell the CRI story and convey the impact and importance of our work.

Can I use the CRI logo to create promotional materials?

Yes, as long as the logo is used in accordance with our Community Fundraising Terms and Conditions. The CRI staff can provide you a color logo or black and white version. All Team CRI event materials that will bear the CRI logo must be submitted to CRI for review and approval before they are made public. This includes, but is not limited to, press releases, pitch letters, printed or electronic advertisements, save-the-dates and invitations, brochures, shirts or other apparel, banners, and any other form of event collateral. Please allow one to two weeks for approval from our communications department.

Can the Cancer Research Institute help promote my event in the media?

The Cancer Research Institute evaluates opportunities for media promotion on a case-by-case basis, depending on staff time, resources, the nature of the fundraising event, and the amount of lead time prior to the event. If you would like us to help promote your event, please contact us as [email protected] and describe the type of media promotion assistance you are seeking. We will evaluate your request and respond within two weeks. We encourage you to use the tools and suggestions for reaching out to media provided in our Team CRI Fundraising Kit.

Are there ways my company can help with my fundraising efforts?

One of the easiest ways to boost your fundraising is through employer matching gifts. Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles or sometimes triples your gift. Contact your company’s Human Resources or Finance department to see if they match charitable donations, or use our MatchFinder to see if your employer is in our database of companies with matching gift programs. Follow the instructions provided, fill out the proper forms provided by your company, and send your paperwork in along with your donations to the Cancer Research Institute. Also be sure to encourage your donors to look into opportunities for matching gifts. By participating in these programs, you and your donors can significantly increase the impact of your support.

How do I make it clear that this event is supporting the Cancer Research Institute?

Please indicate on all materials that proceeds from the event will benefit the Cancer Research Institute. CRI can also provide a formal letter of support upon request, which is often helpful as an assurance to donors and potential sponsors that CRI is aware of the event and that proceeds will be directed to CRI. To request a formal letter of support, email us at [email protected]

Can the Cancer Research Institute help in covering costs associated with my event?

The Cancer Research Institute cannot provide funding for expenses related to community fundraising events. There are many ways to limit event-related costs, such as securing in-kind donations from local businesses. More information can be found in the Team CRI Fundraising Kit.

Which marathons is CRI partnered with as an official charity?

  • New York Road Runners – TCS New York City Marathon
  • New York Road Runners – UA New York City Half Marathon

Can I be a part of Team CRI and raise money on behalf of the Cancer Research Institute if I gain my own entry to an endurance event or race?

Yes. If you gain entry to a race, you can join Team CRI and raise money on behalf of the Cancer Research Institute. After you independently secure your own entry, please email us at [email protected] so we can add you to the team. You should also set up your own fundraising page through our website. You are not required to raise a certain amount of money. If you are running in a race for which CRI has secured dedicated slots, however, we do encourage you to set your goal at the same level as the athletes who obtained their slots through CRI for that particular race.

Can I donate to Cancer Research Institute proceeds or a portion of proceeds from the sale(s) of an item or collection?

Yes! We greatly appreciate being the beneficiary of your sale. All materials related to the sale should note the percent of proceeds (or dollar amount per item) going to the Cancer Research Institute. If you would like to designate (a portion of) proceeds from sales to CRI, please notify us. We can assist with how you describe your charitable efforts so that it complies with Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance standards.

What if a check is made out to me, not to the Cancer Research Institute?

If a supporter makes the check payable to you, simply endorse the check with your signature, write “Payable to the Cancer Research Institute,” and submit it with a Contribution Form (PDF).

Can I have people give money to me directly and then write a check to Cancer Research Institute from my personal account?

This is not recommended. The IRS will consider any deposits into your personal account as taxable income, and we will not be able to issue tax receipts to your donors for their gifts if the contribution comes from you.

What should I do with cash donations?

Please do not send cash in the mail. If you’re collecting cash donations, you can either have cash donors fill out a Contribution Form (PDF) with their contact information and donation amount, transfer the cash into a cashier’s check, and send both the check and the form to CRI, or use your own credit card to make the donation in your donor’s name online through your event fundraising page.

Who acknowledges my contributors?

The Cancer Research Institute will send an acknowledgment and receipt for tax purposes to those who donate to your fundraising efforts. You should also be sure to send your own personal thank-you message to anyone who responds to your request for support.

Where do I send my donations?

Mail contributions to:

Cancer Research Institute
National Headquarters
29 Broadway, Floor 4
New York, NY 10006-3111

Still have questions? Contact Our Specialists

Cierra Howard

Cierra Howard

Manager, Community Fundraising

(212) 688-7515 x267

[email protected]

Shasell Negron

Shasell Negron

Associate Director, Community Fundraising

(212) 688-7515 x239

[email protected]

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