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World Vaccine Congress Washington 2021

Samik Upadhaya, Ph.D., CRI Research analyst, examines the impact of COVID-19 on oncology clinical trials during the “Mitigating the impact of covid-19 and future public health emergencies on oncology clinical trials” virtual panel session on May 5

The World Vaccine Congress is the largest meeting dedicated to vaccines. From basic research to commercial manufacture, it covers the whole vaccine value chain where science, government, and manufacturers all come together to create ground-breaking progress.

The World Vaccine Congress’ dedicated cancer immunotherapy channel focusses on the diverse approaches to the development of cancer vaccines from cell-based, peptide-based, and virus-based vaccines, to personalized NeoAg therapies. It also features high-level discussions surrounding ongoing challenges in oncology including the impact of public health emergencies on oncology trials, precision oncology, combination strategies, and more.

*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.