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FiercePharma Virtual’s ASCO Preview: What to Watch For

Vanessa Lucey, PhD, MBA, director of CRI Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund, is an "ASCO Preview" webinar speaker. 

On May 27, 3-4 pm ET, FiercePharma begins their virtual series "ASCO Explained: Expert predictions and takeaways from the world's biggest cancer meeting" with "ASCO Preview: What to watch for."

As we head into ASCO weekend, cancer experts will highlight closely watched data sets to be unveiled at the virtual meeting—and discuss how they could change prescribing patterns. This discussion will take a close look at oncology's hottest fields, including CAR-T and precision medicine, as panelists zero in on the conference's most highly anticipated studies, 2020's biggest research trends, and the data they're most looking forward to seeing.

Webinar speakers include Jennifer Keating Litton, MD, Vice President ad interim of Clinical Research, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Vanessa M. Lucey, PhD, MBA, Director, CRI Venture Fund and Clinical Accelerator; and Andrew Berens, MD, Managing Director, Targeted Oncology, SVB Leerink.

The "ASCO​ Postview: Highlights from the virtual conference" takes place on Monday, June 1, 2020 at 3:00pm ET.

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