Cancer Immunology Research Journal

Cancer Immunology Research

In 2001, the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), along with the Academy of Cancer Immunology, launched an important new journal, Cancer Immunity Research Journal. Led by inaugural Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lloyd J. Old, a world-renowned cancer immunologist, the journal was, at the time, the only journal devoted to all aspects of cancer immunology. Since the journal’s launch, it had disseminated many types of influential content important to cancer immunologists, including original research articles, reviews, hypotheses, case reports, and conference proceedings.

However, effective July 2013, Cancer Immunity published its final issue and merged with Cancer Immunology Research, a new journal published by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

This new collaboration between CRI and AACR, which will preserve the legacy of Dr. Old’s vision and the journal he founded, will focus on publishing research articles reporting major advances in all areas of cancer immunology.

Editorial Scope

Cancer Immunology Research publishes outstanding original articles reporting major advances in cancer immunology that span the discipline from basic investigations in host-tumor interactions to developmental therapeutics in model systems, early translational studies in patients, and late-stage clinical trials. The journal disseminates knowledge of immunology to the growing cancer research community, catalyzing cross-disciplinary work that yields a deeper understanding of the host-tumor relationship, more potent cancer treatments, and improved clinical outcomes.

The journal also strives to play a leading role in educating the greater cancer research community regarding the principles and opportunities in cancer immunology. Papers are stringently reviewed, and specific topics of interest include endogenous antitumor immunity, tumor-promoting inflammation, cancer antigens, vaccines, antibodies, cellular therapy, cytokines, immune regulation, immune suppression, immunomodulatory effects of cancer treatment, emerging technologies, and clinical investigations.

Indeed, cancer immunology is currently reaping the benefits of basic and translational studies in allied disciplines of immunology, such as autoimmunity, infectious disease, transplantation, and immunodeficiency; insights from these fields are now regularly being applied to the problems of tumor immunity.

Editorial Board

Cancer Immunology Research derives its strength, impact, and vision from its editors-in-chief and members of CRI’s Scientific Advisory Council, Robert D. Schreiber, PhD, and Philip D. Greenberg, MD, and the many talented and dedicated investigators who serve as Deputy and Senior Editors and members of the Editorial Board. One hundred and fourteen individuals representing 12 countries have devoted their energy and intellect to advancing the mission of the journal.

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