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#Immune2Cancer Day Ignites Support for CRI

June marks the 12th annual Cancer Immunotherapy MonthTM, a month-long celebration led by the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), highlighting the transformative impact of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer.  

The cornerstone of Cancer Immunotherapy MonthTM is #Immune2Cancer Day, June 14, a day dedicated to showcasing the power and potential of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer. 

“This is our time as survivors to share with the world our stories and give hope to others.”

CRI ImmunoAdvocate Alan Kaufman

#Immune2Cancer Day brings together scientists, clinicians, patients, caregivers, partners and supporters to celebrate the advancements in immunotherapy and the lives it has saved.  

This day is a powerful reminder of the progress we’ve made and the work still ahead. By highlighting groundbreaking research and personal triumphs, #Immune2Cancer Day inspires hope, fosters community, and drives momentum for continued innovation.  

“This is our time as survivors to share with the world our stories and give hope to others,” CRI ImmunoAdvocate Alan Kaufman told CRI recently.  

Fellow ImmunoAdvocate, Karen Peterson, a breast cancer survivor who shares Alan’s enthusiasm, believes CRI is a one stop shop for anything you want to learn about immunotherapy. 

 “Immunotherapy saved my life. If you need an educational option in regards to immunotherapy, CRI is the place to go,” Karen shared with CRI.  

#Immune2Cancer Day is also a call to action for everyone to support the mission of the CRI and contribute to the development of life-saving treatments. The greatest way you can make an impact during Cancer Immunotherapy MonthTM is by donating to CRI.  

“Why would you not give money to CRI? They are the organization doing the most for immunotherapy, in the world, period,” CRI ImmunoAdvocate Tara Ryan, a stage 4 melanoma survivor, told CRI

Your contribution directly supports the work that our researchers are doing right now! Make a gift to CRI during Cancer Immunotherapy MonthTM and your dollars will be in the hands of CRI-funded scientists in the next 30 days when the next round of grant awardees is announced. Your donation will be matched up to $300,000 by a group of generous donors only until June 30, 2024. 

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