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Generation Cure Raises Their Voice: CRI Celebrates #Immune2Cancer Day

On June 11, 2021, the Cancer Research Institute celebrated its ninth annual global awareness day to spread the word about the lifesaving potential of cancer immunotherapy: #Immune2Cancer Day. Participants posed with a sign or recorded a video about why they are raising awareness of cancer immunotherapy and shared it across social media to stand in solidarity with the cause. The outpouring of love and support can be found across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok with the hashtag #Immune2Cancer. This year’s theme, Generation Cure, highlighted a multi-generational effort to defeat cancer with the power of the immune system. This campaign inspired many people in different walks of life to get involved and help create a future immune to cancer.

Community Leaders

Professor, author, and podcaster Kate Bowler was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2016 and has been managing her cancer as a chronic disease with immunotherapy. She shares what a future immune to cancer means to her.

CRI CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs, Jill O’Donnell Tormey, shared a heartwarming post, highlighting her reason for supporting cancer immunotherapy research for over three decades. 

CRI Scientific Advisory Council member Dr. Laurie Glimcher of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is a proud immunologist and believes the potential of cancer immunotherapy.

Our friends at LUNGevity shared a Zoom photo as they spread the word about Cancer Immunotherapy Month. In the last five years, immunotherapy has significantly improved survival rates in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. 

Television Host and news reporter Vanessa Ramirez joined Generation Cure by honoring her father, a non-smoker who was diagnosed with lung cancer.  

The lab of CRI Scientific Advisory Council member Dr. Susan Kaech at Salk Institute showed their support with a creative zoom photo spelling out “Immune2Cancer.”  

Supporters of Cancer Immunotherapy Research

Jordan Olds, co-creator of the late-night metal talk show Two Minutes to Late Night, has not only raised thousands for cancer immunotherapy research over the past year, but also showed his support last week in full Gwarsenio Hall makeup.

The team at Alpine Immune Sciences, a Cancer Immunotherapy Month sponsor, posed for a group Zoom photo on #Immune2Cancer Day to show their commitment to a brighter future for cancer patients.

Podcaster and long-time CRI supporter Nicholas Haskins shared his passion for cancer immunotherapy research and honored his friend, Jake.

Another Cancer Immunotherapy Month sponsor, Elicera Therapeutics, shared their excitement for #Immune2Cancer Day in 280 characters or less.  

Cancer Researchers and Health Care Professionals

Scientists and physicians from CRI community and beyond shared their personal stories and how they are making a future immune to cancer.

CRI Fellow Kamir Hiam-Galvez of Stanford University honored his grandparents and the millions of others lost to cancer.

CRI-Merck Fellow Dr. Nilesh Talele of Harvard Medical School highlighted the complexity of pancreatic cancer and his work to create durable and safe therapies for patients.

CRI Fellow Dr. Oscar A. Aguilar of the University of California, San Francisco celebrated the milestones of cancer immunotherapy and honored loved ones lost to cancer.

Krystle Ung, a medical student in New York, shared a heartfelt story about losing her friend to cancer and why she’s supporting cancer immunotherapy research.

Cancer Patients and CRI ImmunoAdvocates

Digital Influencer and cancer survivor Baraka (@shesimplychic) shared the importance of cancer prevention and the story of her diagnosis with cervical cancer.

CRI ImmunoAdvocate and lung cancer survivor K.C. Dill described the importance of funding for research and the importance of cancer research.

Breast cancer warrior and patient advocate Megsie Chase described why she joined Generation Cure.  

Animal Companions and Research Champions 

Pets play an important role in a future immune to cancer, too. Immunotherapy works for dogs and research for both man and man's best friend is helping drive new and innovative treatments forward for both. 

CRI social media intern Gabriella shared a sweet image of her dog to raise awareness for animals with cancer.

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