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Together, we can #WhiteOutCancer!

This year we’re on a mission to White Out Cancer—and we need your help!

We believe that with immunotherapy, cures for cancer are possible. But to reach that goal, more research and greater awareness are needed.

Join us in celebrating #WhiteOutCancer Day—a day dedicated to raising awareness of the lifesaving potential of cancer immunotherapy—by participating in our Campaign to #WhiteOutCancer. The social media campaign connects the promise of cancer immunotherapy with the way cancer personally touches us all.

Participants are asked to dedicate a photo to a person they love and share it on social media – and by doing so, they honor someone affected by cancer and help to spread the message that immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer treatment today.

We’ve already had hundreds of participants White Out Cancer. It only takes one minute—join the campaign today by visiting!

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