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CRI’s 7th Annual Patient Immunotherapy Summit – December 2023 Full Cut 

The Cancer Research Institute’s 7th Annual Patient Immunotherapy Summit hosts a plethora of impactful information that cancer patients, their families, caretakers, and scientists can find useful. It is a celebration of immunotherapy: a type of cancer treatment that hones the body’s own immune system to combat cancer cells. Jeff and Barry, two patients who had successful immunotherapy treatments, are gracious enough to share their stories of survival. Furthermore, there are four specific breakout sessions for specific cancers, each headlined by a CRI-affiliated scientist or field expert. Lastly, we have a session about trends in immunotherapy and what to expect next from the field.

This year’s summit was hosted by Tamron Hall – Emmy award-winning TV host, journalist, executive producer, author, and philanthropist. Thank you for joining us. With your support, we can create a world immune to cancer. 

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