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CRI has Received a Seal of Platinum Transparency – Here is Why that is Important

Few things are more important to an organization than to be able to definitively tell the people whodepend on and believe in it that it is trustworthy. Candid has given its Seal of Platinum Transparency to CRI, and the institute is equally proud and humbled by the honor.

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Candid’s seals of approval are earned through a commitment to transparency. Additionally, revealing information about an organization’s mission, financial documents, programs, leadership, and important metrics can help it earn a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum seal of transparency. Earning a Seal of Platinum Transparency is a big deal because Candid is an impartial organization that assesses how nonprofits use their funds, govern themselves, and reach other various benchmarks.

“Earning the Seal of Platinum Transparency from Candid is a tremendous achievement, and something we are proud to show to the people who trust and depend on us,” says CRI CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, PhD. “To be visibly honored for our transparency, not to mention trust and credibility, is no small matter. CRI depends on the ability to stand on trustworthiness, and having an unbiased eye announce that ours is an organization others can fully trust is tremendous.”

Recently, CRI earned a 100% ‘Four Star Charity’ rating, a 4% increase from the previous year. That honor, coupled with Candid’s Seal of Platinum Transparency, demonstrates CRI’s commitment to good governance, fiscal responsibility, and trustworthiness in its 71st year as a cancer immunotherapy research-based nonprofit.

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