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Give the Gift of Cancer Immunotherapy Research 

It is the thick of the holiday season, and you might be thinking of giving generously to a good cause that speaks to one of your passions. The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) would like to invite you to give the gift of cancer immunotherapy research today. You can honor a friend or family member by donating to CRI, gift through a wedding, get involved with workplace giving, and much more

For 70 years, CRI has had a singular purpose: to create a world immune to cancer. By focusing on immunotherapy, an innovative cancer-fighting method that uses the power of the body’s own immune system as a weapon against cancer, CRI believes it can have the greatest possible impact against the disease. Over time, CRI has funded immunologists and immuno-oncologists to the tune of $515M, and nearly $29M this past fiscal year alone

When you give to CRI, your money goes a long way. Historically, 85-90 cents of every dollar CRI receives goes towards cancer research and education programs. That’s part of why CRI earns consistently high marks with charity watchdog groups. On an annual basis, CRI opens its financial records to independent auditors, because public trust helps ensure that CRI can continue funding crucial cancer immunotherapy research. 

CRI has impacted the field of cancer immunotherapy research for decades. In the past fiscal year, CRI scientists had 300 papers published in prestigious scientific journals. Earlier this month, CRI scientists published a paper whose findings in bone marrow research warranted the initiation of a clinical trial to treat non-small cell lung cancer patients with a combination immunotherapy treatment. Similar discoveries are made possible thanks in large part to the generosity of CRI donors. 

“Donors play a crucial role in CRI’s mission to create a world immune to cancer,” says CRI CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, PhD. “When someone donates to CRI, they are having a tangible impact on cancer immunotherapy research.” 

There are many ways to give the gift of cancer immunotherapy research through CRI. However you choose to give, CRI, the scientists we serve, and the patients they help are all deeply thankful for the support. Together, we can create a world immune to cancer. 

Do you want to do something big for cancer immunotherapy research? Make a donation to the Cancer Research Institute today. 

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