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Netflix and Fundraise for Cancer Research

Whether we’re thinking about reconnecting, adventuring, cooking, or just relaxing, there is always a show for that—just see the Emmy nominations. Make the time spent watching your favorite TV shows and movies meaningful. Let’s stream for a cause.

tidying up

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Tidying is better together. Take an organizing adventure to transform your life and benefit charity. Set a challenge for every bag of trash, recycling, or donations cleared from your home. Donate proceeds from the sales of your de-cluttered items. The magic of tidying up can be even more life-changing for cancer patients.

KonMari for a Cause

woman playing chess

The Queen’s Gambit

Raise funds, test your competition, and use The Queen’s Gambit. Set up a fundraising page, ask participants to register with a donation, and create your schedule. Chess players can get into the spirit and take chess to a bigger scale, literally. Many outdoor activities areas and even vacation resorts include life-size chess boards. This could be a super fun way to host a chess match. Don’t forget you can live stream the games online and ask viewers to donate to the fundraising page.

Checkmate Cancer


Headspace Guide to Meditation

It’s been quite the time of adjustment for everyone lately, so this summer is a great season to relax. (Many of your family and friends may feel the same way.) There are many ways we can take a step back and improve our mental health while supporting a great cause. Set up a fundraising page where all those who donate can participate in a session of much needed calm and reflection. Find a meditation leader, order facial sheet masks and calming teas, download an app, or follow the Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix. Find your way to sink deeper into a more peaceful you.

Raise and Relax


Chef’s Table

Although you still may not want to travel, that doesn’t mean your taste buds can’t. Challenge yourself to create one meal from every country in the world, whether poutine from Canada or feijoada from Brazil. Get inspired by international cuisine like that in Chef’s Table or master the combination of flavors as shown in Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat. You’ll have to scour the markets (or the Internet) and adapt the recipes as required. Friends should donate with each meal completed—and lend their cultural expertise if they can, too. Perhaps you can treat them to a meal for a more substantial donation. Create a team challenge if your family and friends are interested in exploring the world through their stomachs, too.

Cook for a Cure

hand sanitizer


Have you watched every episode of Bridgerton, but still want more? Host a love and romance-themed party, complete with funny games for post-pandemic courtship. What’s the most romantic gift to receive: a bottle of wine or a bottle of hand sanitizer? What’s your pre-date routine? Will your first date still be on Zoom? Read passages from your favorite romance novels aloud to the group. Set up a raffle—a donation required to enter—to encourage competition with each romantic challenge. Don’t forget to integrate a few wellness tips with the jokes for both the lonely and not-so-lonely hearts at the party.

Spark Romance and Scientific Discovery

woman watching movie on laptop

Choose Your Own Streaming Adventure

While it may not have the intimacy of a movie theater, there are plenty of ways for people to watch movies together (phones on), but apart (each in their own home). Guests can donate money for their chosen snacks, or have each guest could set up an appropriate donation challenge—every kiss $2, every explosion $5, every pratfall $10. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong, set a strict start timer for the audience, and don’t forget your popcorn.


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