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Cancer Patients Gain Knowledge, Take Action

As a stage 4 metastatic breast cancer patient, Chawnté was eager to find immunotherapy clinical trial options. She wanted to avoid chemotherapy and receive treatment close to where she lives, but she had trouble finding trials for which she was eligible and that met her criteria. 

Looking for answers, she attended the CRI Immunotherapy Patient Summit in Baltimore last November, where she heard from experts and other patients about the latest advances in cancer treatment. There, she met with a clinical trial navigator, who was able to help her explore immunotherapy clinical trial options.

After confidentially reviewing her medical history, the navigator identified four trials nearby for which she might be eligible, and showed her how to contact the trial coordinators to learn more. Chawnté immediately emailed her oncologist, who was excited to discuss the trials at her next appointment the following week. 

"The CRI Immunotherapy Patient Summit is empowering because not only can I see this information for my own treatment, but I can also take the information, learn, and share it with others people online, publicly, or in closed forums," said Chawnté. 

Join the inaugural CRI Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit on October 2-3, 2020. Register for free today and book a confidential clinical trial navigator appointment when you reserve your spot.

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