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Fight Cancer by Becoming a Team CRI Community Fundraiser

October 25, 2013 | Erin Kim

Community fundraising has and will always be an essential part of the development and support of the Cancer Research Institute. Fundraising allows an individual or group to show their commitment to the cause they are fighting for while raising awareness and necessary funds that will speed the development of lifesaving immunotherapies for cancer patients.

With the right mix of strategy, preparedness, and passion, you can make a successful and stress-free fundraiser on your own! By joining Team CRI, we’ll equip you with the resources you’ll need to help make your event successful.

Here are some tips on effective fundraising:

  • Brainstorm ideas. You want to help CRI in the fight against cancer, but you’re not sure how. What are your interests and hobbies? Are you an athlete who likes to run in marathons, participate in swimming or biking races, or any other sporting event? You can create your own or join a local endurance event in your community as a Team CRI athlete, or secure a slot with us in any of our participating events. You can also plan and host your own non-athletic fundraiser by gathering family, friends, and community members in a bake sale, car wash, Zumba dance-a-thon, or social theme-based party like CRI’s Young Philanthropists Council. Why not create your own campaign and dedicate your birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other celebration by creating a fundraising page? The opportunities are endless!
  • Set a goal. Now that you’ve decided the type of fundraiser or campaign you want to host to benefit cancer immunotherapy research, define a benchmark for success. Steer and motivate yourself and your donors in your fundraising efforts by establishing a monetary goal, a specific message you want people to know about (i.e., “Inside each of us is the power to fight cancer: Our immune system”), or a tangible outcome (like getting 200 people to show up at your event). Aim for a high yet attainable goal!
  • Create a list of prospective donors. This can include family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. The longer the list, the better. Send a personal solicitation to everyone on that list and send a thank you letter to those who contribute to your fundraising, whether large or small. Think of your own personal ways to thank your supporters in order to make them feel a part of CRI’s work in the fight against cancer. Make sure to inform your donors about matching gift programs that most companies have, in which they will match the amount a sponsor contributes; this will help raise your fundraising amount significantly—doubling and even tripling their donation amount. Use our MatchFinder to see if your employer participates in a matching gifts program.
  • Inspire and encourage your supporters by educating yourself. Learn what it takes to win the fight against cancer and the role Cancer Research Institute has in developing immunological therapies. Showing your commitment and knowledge on why you are fundraising for CRI and cancer immunotherapy research will motivate your donors to take action and support your cause. Our website includes features ranging from infographics on cancer immunotherapy, information on all types of cancer, a cancer immunotherapy clinical trial finder for eligible patients, stories from our community of patients, scientists, donors, and supporters, educational videos, latest blog posts, and much, much more. These features and tools can equip and support you and your fundraising efforts and can be shared with your family, friends, and prospective donors, at no cost!
  • Make sure to create your own fundraising page. Your friends and colleagues will be able to make donations to CRI right from your fundraising page. You can build and personalize your own webpage to share your story, set fundraising goals, collect donations, and send emails and acknowledge your supporters. Get started today!
  • Raise your fundraising to the public eye. Ask your local newspaper or broadcasting station to share information about your fundraising project. Promote your fundraising through the many different channels of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
  • Keep costs low and find sponsorships to cover any expenses needed during your fundraising. Find friends and family that can help in ways other than monetary donations. Ask businesses for service or in-kind donations in exchange for advertising and sponsorship.

Get involved and conquer cancer by fundraising for CRI today. By partnering with us and becoming a member of Team CRI, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources, including our fundraising kit with more tips in detail, an online fundraising page, and support from Team CRI staff.

One last thing—don’t forget to have fun while you’re helping CRI fund promising scientists and their critical work in developing safe, more effective immunological therapies for cancer patients!

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