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Trust in Giving

December 27, 2013 | Michelle Liew

The Cancer Research Institute relies on donations from many amazing people to help fund a broad range of cancer immunotherapy and research programs. Every donation we get is much appreciated and we take great care to use these donations in the best possible way.

Many people are concerned about how their money will be used when donating to nonprofits. When stories come out about some organizations that only use a tiny percentage of funds collected for the cause they support, it makes people more wary than ever about giving to charity.

That’s why we at the Cancer Research Institute are proud of our charitable record. Our goal is to find cures and better treatments for cancer using the immune system, and our financial records reflect our priorities. In 2013, CRI spent 86 percent of its funding on research and education programs. We also have consistently high ratings from charity oversight groups, including Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, and GuideStar, and we proudly bear the seal of the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance.

"...CRI is unique among cancer nonprofits because of its focus on cancer immunotherapy, good funding stewardship, and long history of success."

This year’s record is not unusual. CRI has a long history of good stewardship over donations, and historically between 85 and 90 percent of every dollar donated goes toward those medical education and research programs. In 2013 alone, the Cancer Research Institute donated $14.6 million in grants and fellowships. The funding will advance cancer research in 11 countries at 55 different institutions.

The Cancer Research Institute minimizes overhead in order to put as much funding as possible into fighting cancer. Few nonprofits match that high level of giving, and CRI is unique among cancer nonprofits because of its focus on cancer immunotherapy, good funding stewardship, and long history of success.

Cancer immunotherapy is the most significant advance in cancer treatment in the last 50 years and it is changing the face and future of what it means to get cancer. By funding research on how best to use the immune system to fight cancer, we are making possible a future of better treatments that work more quickly and have fewer side effects. We are working toward cures and vaccines to stop millions of people from dying of cancer, and save their families from heartbreak. We want more people like young Emily Whitehead, who just celebrated 18 months cancer free after being told she had no treatment options following a second relapse. We want more people like Mary Elizabeth Williams, who said immunotherapy left her more empowered than traditional cancer treatments and better able to lead a normal life while in treatment.

Join us in the fight against cancer by donating today. Together we can change cancer treatment and lead the way toward a world where we can help all cancer patients through immunotherapy.

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