Amanda Lund, Ph.D., CLIP InvestigatorOregon Health & Science University

We are a young lab, and funding from CRI has jumpstarted our work, and allowed us to grow and explore really interesting questions about anti-tumor immune responses.
Area of Research: Melanoma

Lymphatic vessels provide important routes between tissues and lymph nodes, where immune cells become activated. Unfortunately, they can also enable cancer cells to metastasize. Lymphatic vessel activity within tumors is not well understood though, so Dr. Lund developed a way to image multiple components of the tumor simultaneously. She observed a correlation between lymphatic vessels and intratumoral T cells, which are crucial to effective immune responses. Now, she’s examining the FasL protein to determine how it affects lymphatic vessels and anti-tumor T cell activity, and if it might be able to serve as a biomarker to predict patient outcomes. Overall, these findings may enable doctors to predict which patients will respond to immunotherapy as well as identify new molecules that could be targeted.

Projects and Grants

FasL Expressing Lymphatic Vessels

Oregon Health & Science University | Melanoma | 2015

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