Clinical Accelerator

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The Anna-Maria Kellen Clinical Accelerator is a unique nonprofit-academia-industry partnership model designed to develop, organize, and de-risk clinical study of next-generation combination cancer immunotherapies. 

This combination therapy incubator model enables multi-center studies to be conducted with centrally organized oversight, data collection, clinical operations, regulatory support, medical writing, and translational and correlative research.

A global immuno-oncology network of 90 leading clinician-scientists works collaboratively to identify potentially transformative treatments, to design cutting-edge clinical trials, and to devise correlative investigations to test them. Prioritized studies are launched with a comprehensive set of nonprofit resources and a unique IP model that facilitates access to top drugs from different companies.

Clinical Accelerator currently has more than 20 significant industry and nonprofit partners. A nonprofit, philanthropic venture capital fund—which powers the model—provides financial support alongside other partners. The agreements don’t request royalties or IP on any agents used in the studies.

At the moment, the program invests approximately $20 to $30 million in innovative clinical trials each year. It’s a win-win-win model: cancer patients gain access to promising new treatment options; scientists gain extraordinary clinical research and publication opportunities; and company partners gain valuable investment of nonprofit resources and expertise in their drugs.

*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.