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Knowledge is Love

February 13, 2015

This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the two things everyone you love should know about cancer immunotherapy. Spread the love—you never know who might benefit from what you know.

Immunotherapies are saving the lives of cancer patients TODAY. How about the complete remission achieved by 90% of adults and children with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)? The Cancer Research Institute is working tirelessly to make that a reality in EVERY type of cancer. We may not be there yet, but we are closer than we have ever been, and we’re not slowing down. Does everyone you love know what cancer immunotherapies are? If not, take it upon yourself to spread the word. You could save a life.

Promising immunotherapies are in development for patients with nearly every type of cancer. We’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of FDA-approved immunotherapies for various types of cancer in 2014. But did you know that there are hundreds of ongoing clinical trials studying breakthrough immunotherapies across most cancer types? These clinical trials can provide patients in need of new options hope. Clinical trials are not right for everyone, but tell someone you love to ask their doctor, or direct them to our free Clinical Trial Finder to research open clinical trials.

You can also show those you love and care for by making a gift in honor of them and sending a personalized e-card. From all of us at the Cancer Research Institute to you and yours, here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with all the love you deserve.

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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.