Yu Zhu, Ph.D., Postdoctoral FellowStanford University

Area of Research: All Cancers

For immunotherapy to work, immune cells and the immunotherapy drugs themselves must be able to get to the tumor. To do so, they require functional tumor blood vessels; however, tumors’ vessels are often corrupt and dysregulated. To address this problem, Dr. Yu Zhu seeks to improve our understanding of the cells that form blood vessels. Specifically, he’s investigating the activation and maturation processes that give rise to these vessel-forming cells with the aim of elucidating the mechanisms that drive the formation of tumor blood vessels. Ultimately, Dr. Zhu’s goal is to figure out how these tumor blood vessels could be normalized in order to enhance anti-tumor immune responses and improve immunotherapy’s effectiveness.

Projects and Grants

Targeting Notch Signaling in Tumor Endothelial Stem Cells to Normalize Tumor Vasculature and Improve Anti-Tumor Immunity and Immunotherapies

Stanford University | All Cancers | 2018 | Eugene C. Butcher, M.D.

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