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Clinical Accelerator

Clinical Accelerator is a unique academia-industry partnership model and drug development incubator designed to help organize and de-risk clinical study of next-generation combination cancer immunotherapies.

The program is led by a global network of 60 of the field’s leading clinician-scientists who work collaboratively to identify potentially transformative treatments and to design cutting-edge clinical trials and correlative research efforts to test them.

Prioritized studies are launched with a comprehensive set of nonprofit resources and a unique IP model that facilitates access to top drugs from different companies. Clinical Accelerator currently has more than 15 significant industry and nonprofit partners.

The model is powered by a nonprofit venture capital fund that enables it to achieve significant leverage via co-investments, and is structured to become self-sustaining over time via returns on investment back to the charity as supported drugs become successful. At current, the program invests approximately $20 to $30 million in innovative clinical trials each year.

It’s a win-win-win model: Cancer patients gain access to promising new treatment options; Scientists gain extraordinary clinical research and publication opportunities; and Company partners gain valuable investment of nonprofit resources and expertise into their drugs.


A unique industry-academia-nonprofit Partnered research model