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Clinical Accelerator

To realize immunotherapy's full potential for cancer patients, a significant amount of clinical research needs to be completed. The key challenge is to bring the best individual immunotherapies together to create even more powerful combination treatments.

Cancer Research Institute is tackling this problem through a novel nonprofit strategy called the Clinical Accelerator. Born of a collaboration spanning more than a decade between CRI and the nonprofit Ludwig Cancer Research, the idea behind the Clinical Accelerator is simple:

If we can empower top nonprofit cancer researchers around the world to work in closer collaboration with leading biopharma companies, and provide nonprofit resources that help reduce the financial risk of studying new combinations, then more clinical research can be conducted each year, and more effective immunotherapies can be developed more quickly.

  • Model

    Our Model & Strategy

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  • CVC Trials Network

    CVC Trials Network

    This network of eminent clinical immunologists from 30 sites around the world works collaboratively on immunotherapy clinical trials.

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  • Our Team

    Our Leadership Team

    Top cancer scientists from leading research institutions guide the program strategy and lead its operations.

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  • Industry Partners

    Partners & Investments

    Close partnerships with biopharma companies enable our researchers to study the most promising immune-based cancer treatments in global development.

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  • Clinical Portfolio

    Our Clinical Trial Portfolio

    Each of our investments provides critical support for the development of next-generation immunotherapies.

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  • For Philanthropic Backers

    For Philanthropic Backers

    Help bring state-of-the-art treatments to patients with cancer immediately while playing a key role in the greatest breakthrough in cancer treatment in our lifetimes.

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