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Upcoming Webinars

November 21, 201812:00 PM

Immunotherapy Advances in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Dr. Matthew Hellmann of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses new FDA approvals, clinical trials, and potential treatments for patients with small cell lung cancer. 

November 28, 201812:00 PM

Antibody-Based Therapies: Taking a BiTE Out of Cancer

Dr. Rony Dahan of Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) discusses the latest advances in targeted antibodies for the effective treatment of many forms of cancer. 

December 19, 201812:00 PM

Advocating for Loved Ones: Caregivers Weigh In on Immunotherapy

Caregivers Casey Zmudzinski and Benny Juarez discuss how they advocate for the best care possible for their loved ones. 

Past Webinars

October 17, 20181:00 PM

How to Advocate for Yourself as a Cancer Patient

Two cancer patients—Stephen Estrada and Mary Elizabeth Williams—discuss how they regained control after their cancer diagnosis

September 19, 201812:00 PM

Cancer Vaccines: Training the Immune System to See Cancer

Dr. Gavin Dunn of Washington University in St. Louis discusses how cancer vaccines are capable of educating patients’ immune systems and have the potential to improve the immune system’s ability to target and eliminate cancer.

August 15, 201812:00 PM

Biomarkers in Cancer Immunotherapy: What Patients Need to Know

Dr. Kunle Odunsi of the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Institute discusses how biomarkers are used to help patients today as well as how we’re working to harness the full potential of biomarkers moving forward.

July 10, 201812:00 PM

Cellular Immunotherapies: Revving Up T Cells to Fight Cancer

Dr. Philip Greenberg of the University of Washington discusses how cutting-edge strategies using T cells from patients’ blood are currently being used in the clinic as well as how they might be improved moving forward.

June 19, 201812:00 PM

Talking to Your Oncologist about Cancer Immunotherapy

Ariella Chivil, a patient advocate, and Dr. Alexander M. Lesokhin, her oncologist, discuss the nuances of communicating and informing both doctor and patient while on immunotherapy. 

May 18, 201810:30 AM

Oncolytic Viruses Webinar

Dr. John Bell of the University of Ottawa and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research discussses strategies that re-program viruses so that they selectively infect and kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells and tissues unharmed.

April 20, 201812:00 PM

Immunotherapy Patient Perspectives

Cancer patients T.J. Sharpe and Donna Fernandez share their experiences with immunotherapy and advice for patients currently seeking or receiving immunotherapy treatment.

March 23, 201812:00 PM

Finding an Immunotherapy Clinical Trial

Patrick Meins of EmergingMed will answer common questions around cancer clinical trials including trial definitions, eligibility criteria, and how to search for the right one. 

February 09, 20181:00 PM

Checkpoint Blockade: Taking the Brakes Off the Immune System

Dr. James P. Allison of MD Anderson discusses how some proteins in immune cells act as "brakes" on the immune system response and how checkpoint inhibitors can be used to “release the brakes,” allowing a stronger immune attack against cancer.

January 16, 20181:00 PM

Cancer Immunotherapy Update: Latest Advances in Patient Care

Dr. Jedd D. Wolchok of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses the latest developments in patient care including: checkpoint blockade, cancer vaccines, combination therapies, CAR T cell therapy, T cell receptor therapies, and neoantigens.

*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.