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Upcoming Webinars

March 24, 20211:00 PM

Blood Tests and Immunotherapy: New Approaches to Diagnosing and Treating Cancer Patients

By monitoring a variety of factors, especially at the genetic and genomic levels, blood tests may give doctors deep insights into a person’s cancer and their immune health.

June 23, 20211:00 PM

How Immunotherapy is Reshaping Cancer Patient Survivorship Experiences

Three CRI ImmunoAdvocates discuss redefining and navigating their lives after cancer immunotherapy.

Past Webinars

January 13, 202112:00 PM

Cancer Immunotherapy: 2021 Research and Look Ahead

Dr. Kunle Odunsi of Roswell Park discusses what might lie ahead for the field in 2021—and what it means for patients.

November 04, 202012:00 PM

Cancer and the Microbiome: How Bacteria Influence Immunotherapy

Discover the microscopic organisms that inhabit our bodies and new microbiome-based treatment strategies in the clinic.

September 09, 202012:00 PM

Immunotherapy Side Effects: What Patients Need to Know

Discover how doctors and patients can recognize and safely manage an overstimulated or misdirected immune response with Dr. Jeffrey S. Weber of NYU Langone Health.

June 24, 202012:00 PM

Understanding Genomics and Genetic Testing in Cancer Immunotherapy

Discover the full potential of genome-based medicine with genomic and genetic testing for cancer risk and tumor assessment with Corrie Painter, Ph.D., and Eliezer Van Allen, M.D.

May 20, 202012:00 PM

Imaging in Immunotherapy: Using PET Scans to Guide Cancer Treatment

Discover antibody-based imaging strategies that help doctors visualize patients’ tumors and immune cells in real-time via PET scans.


January 29, 202012:00 PM

Cancer Immunotherapy: 2020 Research Update and a Look Ahead

Dr. Padmanee Sharma of MD Anderson discusses what breakthroughs and advances might lie ahead for the field of cancer immunotherapy in 2020.

September 18, 201912:00 PM

What’s Next in CAR T Cell Therapy

Dr. Michel Sadelain of Memorial Sloan Kettering highlights a revolutionary new treatment approach—CAR T cell immunotherapy—that he helped pioneer.

June 19, 201912:00 PM

Conversations About Cancer Immunotherapy: Speaking With Your Oncologist

Brendan Connors and his oncologist Dr. Michael Postow of Memorial Sloan Kettering discuss the importance of communication between patient and doctor throughout immunotherapy treatment. 

March 27, 201912:00 PM

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Dr. Patrick Hwu of the MD Anderson highlights the promise and potential of combination immunotherapies and how biomarkers can be used to guide these strategies.

January 09, 201912:00 PM

Immunotherapy: A Look at the Year Ahead for 2019

Dr. Elizabeth M. Jaffee of Johns Hopkins University discusses cancer immunotherapy’s ongoing efforts to overcome the challenges ahead and enable immunotherapy to benefit even more people with cancer.


*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.