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Grants & Fellowships

Since its inception, the Cancer Research Institute has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to support research conducted by more than 3,000 scientists and clinicians worldwide to understand the immune system and how it can be harnessed to conquer all cancers. This work has laid the foundation for nearly every major cancer immunotherapy breakthrough over the past half century.

Guided by an international panel of the world's leading immunologists and cancer immunologists, including Nobel laureates and members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, CRI provides essential funding to support every stage of discovery, from laboratory investigation to clinical trials of the most promising cancer immunotherapies for patients.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships

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    The CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program furthers career development and supports laboratory research for promising postdoctoral fellows working under the mentorship of world-class immunologists and tumor immunologists.

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  • Translational Research Grants


    Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP) grants provide catalytic support for translational laboratory studies designed to answer new scientific questions that arise in the clinic, with special focus on improving immunotherapy for cancer patients.

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  • Technology Impact Award

    A $1 million challenge to spur innovative solutions to challenges in cancer immunotherapy research.

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  • Investigator Awards

    Investigator Awards provide bridging grants to assistant professors undertaking their first independent investigations in basic and tumor immunology and are designed to provide flexibility and stability while they establish their laboratories. (Not accepting applications)

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  • Designated Grants

    Designated grants support research projects and public education initiatives for which donors have specifically raised funds. (Not accepting applications)

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  • Patient Support

    Funding initiatives that provide comprehensive treatment information for patients, education for those at risk, and free cancer screenings. (Not accepting applications)

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