Postdoctoral Fellowship to Promote Racial Diversity Application Instructions

Applications must be submitted electronically. Paper applications will not be accepted. The application process requires you to complete a PDF application form for institutional signatures and certification. You must also complete an electronic application form, which requires you to upload supporting materials.

Completing the PDF Application Form

Before you submit the online application form, you must first complete the PDF application form. Fill out the form and obtain signatures for the Institutional Certifications section. Signatures will be required from the following individuals:

  1. An Internal Review Board (IRB) or certifying officer, who can attest that the proposal is in compliance with government and institutional regulations
  2. The institution’s administrative officer
  3. The institution’s financial officer

When your form is complete, upload it with your other supporting materials when completing the online application form.

Completing the Online Application Form

New User

You will be prompted to create a user account unique to you, which will catalogue all applications you submit to CRI. You will use this account every time you login.

Returning Applicants

Visit the login page to access your saved application.

Before you can access the online application form, you will first be asked to answer six questions that will help determine whether you are eligible to apply for a CRI Fellowship. If you meet the required criteria, you will be directed to the online application. If you do not meet the required criteria, please do not apply, as your application will be eliminated for administration reasons.

Enter in all relevant information, paying special attention to spelling and punctuation. Please avoid using abbreviations, acronyms, and typing in all capital letters. To move from page to page, click the numbered links at the top of the web page. Do not use your browser’s “BACK” button to navigate from page to page, as this will cause all data to be lost. You can save your application at any time by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of each page.

Uploading Supporting Materials

After you have filled out all required fields on the online application, you are asked to upload as part of your application the following supporting documentation in PDF format:

  1. The entire PDF application form, please make sure all signatures have been obtained.
  2. Brief description of the applicant’s background and research accomplishments. Not to exceed one half to a full page.
  3. List of other funding sources to which applications have been or will be submitted, with due dates.
  4. Applicant’s curriculum vitae and bibliography (NIH biosketch preferred).
  5. Brief summary of your project, including a description of how the proposed research is relevant to understanding the role of the immune system in cancer and/or the treatment of cancer through immunological means. Not to exceed one page.
  6. Abstract of research in non-technical English explaining the importance of the proposed research and its potential clinical relevance. The abstract will be used for fundraising purposes and submitted to CRI’s lay Board of Trustees. Abstract limited to 250 words.
  7. Specific aims of the project. Not to exceed 1 page.
  8. Concise research proposal (background, significance, materials and methods) not to exceed 4 pages inclusive of tables and figures, exclusive of references.
  9. *Letter from the sponsor introducing the applicant and describing the sponsor’s qualifications to direct the proposed research. The letter must contain assurance that the applicant’s project will be conducted under the direct supervision of the sponsor. Finally, sponsors are asked to indicate whether the application was written by the applicant and also whether any preliminary data included in the proposal was generated by the applicant or by the lab prior to the applicant’s arrival.
  10. *Sponsor’s curriculum vitae/biosketch and a list of sponsor’s current research support. NIH biosketch is preferred. If including a formal C.V. then limit bibliography to past 5 years.
  11. *Two letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from the applicant’s thesis advisor. Applicants who received an M.D. or otherwise who do not have a thesis advisor should have some other qualified individual submit this letter. The second letter should be from an individual well acquainted with the applicant’s work. The sponsor may not submit one of these letters. If the sponsor was also the applicant’s thesis advisor, you must contact CRI for further instruction.

Applications exceeding this page limit will be disqualified.

Only PDF documents will be accepted. All files must be submitted individually on the attachments page of the online application.

When you have finished uploading the attachments, click “Submit.” You will receive a notice confirming that you have successfully submitted your Application Form. Immediately after, an automated notification from CRI will be sent to your email address, also confirming submission.

If you encounter problems uploading your attachment, email it to [email protected]. Be sure to note the application number, which will be assigned to you at the time of submission.

Online applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the deadline date. If the deadline falls on the weekend, applications will be accepted until the close of business that following Monday. We strongly suggest submitting your applications as early as possible to provide ample time in case your application is incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Note on Letters of Recommendation

*Documents 9 through 11 should be submitted directly by the applicant via the online application form as a PDF.

While direct online submission of recommendation letters by the applicant is preferred, a referee may instead scan a copy of their letter as a PDF and email it to [email protected]. Please include with the email the name of the applicant and the applicantion ID in the subject line of the email.

All letters should be scanned in grayscale at a maximum resolution of 300 dpi to keep file size to a minimum. Do not scan in color, as this will significantly increase the file size, which could potentially cause uploading problems.

Formatting Guidelines

Any documents you attach to your online application form must be typed single-space using a 12 point or larger font size.

Application Deadlines

Full Application

March 1, 2023
September 1, 2023

(If a deadline falls on the weekend, applications are due the following Monday.)

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