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10 Fun Summer Fundraising Ideas for Cancer Research

Summer may officially start on June 21, but summer fundraising has already begun. Long days and warm weather present a lot of great opportunities to raise money for cancer research.

Join our Team CRI fundraisers who support cancer immunotherapy research and the search for cures for all kinds of cancer. Together, we can save more lives.

Here are 10 fun and refreshing summer fundraising ideas to get you rolling.

Beach Volleyball Tournament

Set up a tournament and ask teams to raise money to enter. Be sure to recruit passionate team captains to motivate their squad on the court and on the fundraising campaign. Require a minimum to enter and offer incentives for those who meet their fundraising goals. Whether on the beach or an indoor court, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and spike cancer.

Beach Volleyball (iStockphoto)

Field Day

Have you fallen in a three-legged race? Or cried out as you saw an egg drop from a spoon? Parents would jump at the chance to tire out their kids at an old-fashioned field day, especially for a good cause. Given our competitive nature, this is a great opportunity to offer prizes. Add obstacles and water events for even more fun.

Outdoor Workout

Get fit and philanthropic all in one event. Host a yoga session on the beach or Pilates in the park. Or if you’re very ambitious, offer a variety of fitness activities, one after the other, in a day-long fitness festival. This event wouldn’t require a lot of volunteers; just request a fee to join the class or sell essential supplies, such as water bottles or yoga mats, with net proceeds going to the charity.

Pool Party

Whether at your local YMCA, recreation center, or in someone’s backyard, a pool party is always a great time. Charge for admission and be sure to include races and underwater scavenger hunts.

Pool Party (Shutterstock)

Water Balloon Fight

Looking for a low maintenance fundraiser to host? All you need is water, balloons, a container, and space! Charge for a bucket of balloons, or offer special items like a Super Soaker for big donors. Separate participants into teams for some competitive fun.

Outdoor Movie Screening

An outdoor movie screening is a great family-friendly summer fundraiser. Although it may sound daunting at first, all it really takes is a screen, projector, and some space. Charge for tickets and concessions. Recruit helpful volunteers to keep everyone accommodated. Be sure to have a plan B for a rainy day.

Food Truck Fundraiser

Who needs Smorgasburg when you have an empty parking lot? Partner up with local food trucks to organize a special food pod. You can charge an entry fee and local businesses might be interested in sponsoring the event too. Don’t forget to get the word out ahead of time to attract hungry diners.

Cornhole Toss

Cornhole, also known as a bean bag toss, is a great recreational outdoor activity for all ages. An easy and inexpensive fundraising idea, you might be surprised about the intensity of the competition. Consider incorporating other activities as people need some entertainment in between turns.

Cornhole (Shutterstock)

Slip and Slide Party

A staple of childhood summers and a classic for all ages, slip and slide parties may encompass kickball, baseball, and even dance. The set-up is easy you can buy a slip and slide or go old fashioned and grab some plastic, baby shampoo, and a hose and the fun begins. Just be sure to have a kiddie pool for time out.

Traveling Gnome Game

Where in the world will a gnome go? As you and your friends depart on summer travels, be sure to pass around a photo-ready gnome: gnome at the Eiffel Tower, gnome at the Pyramids of Giza, gnome at Machu Picchu. Require people donate to guess where the gnome will be found next.

Start a Fundraiser

We hope you’re suitably inspired to raise money for cancer immunotherapy research. With your support, we can fund more breakthrough research and more cures for cancers of all kinds, and ultimately, we can create a future immune to cancer.

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