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The March to May is Here

01 de marzo de 2016

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) has set out to raise $400K before May 31 to power more than 20,000 research hours for scientists committed to curing cancer. We need YOU to make it happen.

Between March 1 and May 31, 2016, every dollar donated can make double the impact because CRI trustees will match all funds raised up to $200,000. That’s a total of up to $400,000 for research!

At the Cancer Research Institute, $400K represents over 20,000 research hours for investigators in our Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (“CLIP”). CLIP investigators are changing the course of cancer with their discoveries in immunotherapy by conducting translational research, to move laboratory findings into clinical testing and to bring clinical questions back into the lab.

Bruno Sainz Jr., Ph.D., a current CRI CLIP investigator at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, is working to understand the role of cancer stem cells in promoting pancreatic cancer. These stem cells are resistant to chemotherapy and believed to drive tumor relapse. Sainz has identified a protein secreted by stem cells that seems to support pancreatic cancer growth. He will use this knowledge to effectively develop immunotherapies to treat and ultimately cure pancreatic cancer.

Translational research like this is central to bringing new treatments to patients, but it is often not a focus of funding agencies. With your help, the Cancer Research Institute is changing that.

“This campaign represents much more than a lofty fundraising goal for us,” said Dr. Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs of the Cancer Research Institute. “It represents a crucial opportunity to provide funding for two scientists conducting world-class research with direct implications for patients—research that might otherwise go unfunded.”

The road to $400K starts with you. Donate today to double your impact.

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