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A Run to Reach New Heights

On March 15, 2015, over 19,455 runners from across the globe completed the 2015 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon; of those runners, 20 participated on behalf of the Cancer Research Institute. On that cloudy Sunday morning, many runners set out to conquer the 13.1-mile course for various individual reasons: to set a personal record, push their bodies to a new limit, or warm up for a more grueling full marathon in the fall. But for Team CRI runners, there was another, selfless goal in mind. Each of our runners was driven to make every step count for others who are facing a different, more arduous challenge: fighting cancer.

With more than 14 million people worldwide diagnosed with cancer and nearly 8 million dying each year, it is difficult to not know someone who has been affected by the disease. This year’s Team CRI runners chose to make a dent on those numbers by running with a purpose. Together, the runners raised $33,384 that will fund critical immunology research in laboratories and clinics around the world and bring renewed hope to many living with cancer.

Now, more than ever, immunotherapies are seeing remarkable and unprecedented clinical success across cancer types, including melanoma, lung cancer, brain cancer, and leukemia, to name a few. Just in the past year, the FDA approved several immunotherapies and, for many of our runners, these clinical breakthroughs mean more time with the ones they love.diana rosario

“Because of the research done by the Cancer Research Institute…people are living longer.”

In her first ever half marathon, runner Diana Rosario  “chose Team CRI because both my stepdad and grandfather were diagnosed with cancer.” Thankfully, her grandfather is now cancer-free. But, as her stepdad continues to fight, she knows that research is still needed. For Diana (pictured on left with her family), it was “truly [an] honor to run with Team CRI and raise funds for such an important charity… Because of the research done by the Cancer Research Institute…people are living longer.”

Diana Rosario Team CRI runner at 2015 NYC Half Marathon

Elise Hynes’ father was diagnosed with leukemia 6 years ago. For her and her family, “without research into cancer treatments [they] may not have had these 6 wonderful years with him.” The Cancer Research Institute works hard to fund the most promising and cutting edge research every year. Elise (right, with her father) values such efforts because, to her, “research is the key to finding a cure…and helping cancer patients become cancer survivors.”

Elise Hynes Team CRI NYC Half Marathon Runner

The Cancer Research Institute is grateful to have such dedicated individuals support our work each year. Team CRI participants have raised millions of dollars over the years through their participation in various endurance and fundraising events—dollars that are instrumental in advancing the development of more cancer immunotherapies.

If you want to help CRI change the course of cancer treatment and extend the lives of those facing the disease, secure a slot in one of our sponsored marathons or host your own fundraising campaign.

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