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White Out Cancer 2015

17 de junio de 2015

Friday, June 12, was the third annual White Out Cancer Day, an initiative started by the Cancer Research Institute to raise public awareness of cancer immunotherapy and the need for continued research. With nearly 1,000 posts shared this year from around the globe, we’re confident that the message of the promise of cancer immunotherapy has reached far and wide. Here are just a few of our favorite photos from White Out Cancer Day 2015:

Al Roker helps us kick off White Out Cancer Day at the Today Show Plaza.

CRI group selfie with Al Roker at Today Show for White Out Cancer Day 2015

Merck-MSD in Taipei has the spirit!

Merck MSD Taipei jumps and wears white for White Out Cancer Day 2015

Science Magazine’s Kristin Mueller reminds us that Science named immunotherapy Breakthrough of the Year in 2013.

Cancer survivior Kristin Mueller

Cancer survivor and advocate Medha Sutliff, of the Young Survival Coalition, shows her support.

Cancer survivor and advocate Medha Sutliff

The Rutledge Foundation turns it out! Sarcoma patient Carley Rutledge was featured in our 30 Days/30 Stories campaign for Cancer Immunotherapy Month 2014.

Rutledge Foundation wears white for White Out Cancer Day 2015

Our friends at ZERO Prostate Cancer spread awareness of immunotherapy.

ZERO Prostate Cancer wears white for White Out Cancer Day 2015

Researchers at Luigi Istituto Tumori, Buonaguro Lab in Naples, Italy, share message. Grazie!

Luigi Istituto Tumori Buonaguro Lab team wears their lab coats in the fight against cancer for White Out Cancer Day 2015

Artist William Wegman shows his support for immunotherapy with this photograph of his dog, Topper.

Artist William Wegman's dog wears white for White Out Cancer Day 2015

These are just a few of the many fantastic photos we received in support of cancer immunotherapy.

And an enormous thank you to everyone who participated! You have made a difference in the future of cancer treatment.

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