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World Cancer Day 2022

Created in 2000 to be held every February 4, World Cancer Day is a global initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to face one of our greatest challenges.

2022 Campaign Theme: Close the Care Gap / Realising the problem

The first year of the ‘Close the Care Gap’ campaign is all about understanding and recognising the inequities in cancer care around the globe. This is the year to question the status quo and help reduce stigma; to listen to the perspectives of the people living with cancer and their communities and let those lived experiences guide our thoughts and actions. 

That’s how we can begin to imagine a better way of doing things and to build a fairer vision of the future—a future where people live healthier lives and have better access to health and cancer services, no matter where they are born, grow, age, work or live. 

This World Cancer Day, what will you learn about the gaps in cancer care?  

How CRI Is Participating

As part of the Cancer Research Institute’s mission, we are committed to nurturing, promoting, and funding diversity in the community of scientists in the field of immunotherapy. CRI is also committed to promoting health equity for all by educating and empowering at-risk cancer patients with trusted information about cancer immunotherapy treatment options and how to access them.

The Cancer Research Institute will highlight our various programs and activities to inform, educate, and overcome inequities in cancer research and care. 

How You Can Participate

Get involved any way you can. Because together, we can create change. Find more ideas on how to participate at

Join us on February 4 to support a future without cancer.

Learn more at

Images courtesy of Union for International Cancer Control.

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