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Second Annual Rational Combinations 360°

Lead advisors Dr. Axel Hoos, GSK, Dr. Patrick Hwu, MD Anderson, and Dr. Ian McCaffery, Corvus Pharmaceuticals, present the 2nd annual Rational Combinations 360° program addressing business aspects, clinical advancements, and scientific data in IO combination strategies to fight a wider range of cancers.

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Understanding and determining how to apply certain IO combinations for the right patients and specific tumor types is arguably the most difficult challenge within cancer immunotherapy.

Rational Combinations 360° provides the most up-to-date research, data, and progress on combination developments to help IO stakeholders:

  • Be at the forefront of the most relevant research and developments for IO combinations from key leadership who are at the pulse of cancer immunotherapy
  • Better understand assets that are available for potential combination to be able to give patients more treatment options
  • Create and prioritize combination strategies targeted toward specific tumor types
  • Foster collaboration amongst others working in all aspects of cancer immunotherapy by rounding up all stakeholders under one roof

The Rational Combinations 360° event concentrates on the following key areas:

  • Derisking of Combination Immunotherapies
  • Clinical Combination Immunotherapies
  • Immuno Resistance – Drivers for Combination Therapy
  • Novel Technologies and Emerging Biomarkers
  • Clinical Manifestations of Immunological Toxicities
  • Business Aspects for Combination Immunotherapy

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