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Making It Count: Team CRI Adds On Miles for Cancer Research

Rory Chapple traveled more than 11,000 miles from his home in Australia to run the preeminent New York City marathon on November 1, 2015, on behalf of the Cancer Research Institute. The need to do something great for cancer research was clear as Rory clocked in with an unofficial time of 03:40:07. While Rory’s time is certainly impressive, he wanted it to be known that joining Team CRI was more about giving hope to people like his mother, who have been stricken with cancer.

“I want to do something for cancer research… I want to run the race that inspires me."
-Rory Chapple

This was no different for the eleven other runners that ran for Team CRI. For them, this year’s marathon was about the numbers and impact. Together they raised nearly $53,000 for the Cancer Research Institute and its research in cancer immunotherapy—the breakthrough treatment that harnesses the body’s own immune system to fight and target cancer. In the months leading up to the marathon, each runner piled on the miles in preparation for the 26.2-mile course through the city’s five boroughs, each one proudly dedicating their journey to loved ones as they crossed the finish line.

Meet some of the Team CRI runners:

  • Margaret "Marlee" Schmucker dedicated each mile to friends and loved ones who have been afflicted with cancer. She called the mile dedication inspiring and thanked her friends and family for helping her support the Cancer Research Institute.
  • Brian Elms of Denver, Colorado, joined Team CRI in celebration of turning 40 years old on the day of the marathon and to do something “big” in honor of his mother who beat cancer last year.
  • Julian Suchman, first time marathon runner, described being on Team CRI as an “honor” that allowed him to “play a small role in the process that will sustain [cancer immunotherapy research] into the future."

The Cancer Research Institute thanks all of its Team CRI runners for their generous support and dedication to help change the way cancer is treated and improve and extend the lives of those diagnosed with the disease.

If you want to help CRI change the course of cancer treatment and extend the lives of those facing the disease, secure a slot in one of our sponsored endurance events or host your own fundraising campaign at

Photo by Alexander Rotker on Unsplash

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