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Recapping Our 5th Annual Cancer Immunotherapy Month

July 31, 2017

Thanks to you—our supporters—the Cancer Research Institute 5th Annual Cancer Immunotherapy Month (CIM17) was a huge success this past June! Most importantly, leading up to and through the month of June you helped contribute more than $500,000 to fund groundbreaking laboratory research that will provide the foundation for the development of new and improved immunotherapies for patients in the clinic.

Several different educational campaigns helped spread awareness (in the form of 6+ million impressions!) of immunotherapy and its potentially lifesaving benefits for patients. One signature example was #WearWhite Day on June 16, when the CRI community came together to show their support by posting photos of themselves on social media wearing white, to represent the immune system’s power to conquer cancer.

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Fortunately, for those of you didn’t have a chance to participate live in CIM17, all of our content is still available for you to experience, enjoy, and educate yourself. In addition to our coverage of the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting, we also recommend checking out the Immunotherapy Facts of the Day, the Ask a Scientist series with Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Michael Postow, M.D., and five immunotherapy patient stories. Additionally, we produced a “Cancer Immunotherapy and You” webinar hosted by patients who received and are benefitting from immunotherapy.

recapping 5th annual cancer month

CIM17 allowed us to highlight the incredible progress that immunotherapy has made recently. While this gives us hope, we also realize that much more work remains to be done to extend its benefits to more patients. Therefore, motivated by the success thus far, we remain committed to advancing immunotherapy strategies against all cancers and—with your help—will continue to invest in the best doctors and scientists in the world, to empower them and enable them to translate their discoveries into lifesaving medicine for more and more patients.

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*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.