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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: 2021 Immunotherapy Research Updates

In December, CRI CLIP Investigator W. Martin Kast published results of a phase 1 clinical trial in cervical cancer testing the immunotherapy ipilimumab following chemoradiation. Chemoradiation’s ability to stimulate the immune system makes this combination treatment a promising therapeutic option. 

This January for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we look at new research, new treatments, and how we’re working toward a future immune to cervical cancer. 

Treatment Landscape Update

At the 2020 CRI Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit, Dr. Kunle Odunsi, a gynecologic oncologist specializing in cancer immunotherapy at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, discussed immunotherapy clinical trials and answered questions about cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers.

Cervical Cancer Scientist Spotlight

As one of the two study chairs of the CRI-funded clinical trial “A Phase 1 Study to Evaluate MEDI4736 in Combination With Tremelimumab” (NCT01975831), Dr. Margaret Callahan, is examining combinations of two checkpoint immunotherapies in patients diagnosed with breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, kidney cancer, and ovarian cancer.

MEET DR. Callahan

Immunotherapy for Cervical Cancer
Information Updated

On June 16, 2020, the U.S. FDA approved pembrolizumab (Keytruda), a PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor, to treat patients whose advanced solid cancers—including cervical cancer—have a high tumor mutational burden (TMB-H) and have proven resistant to available treatments. This is the second biomarker-based indication regardless of cancer type to receive FDA approval. As the research and treatment landscape evolves, we keep our immunotherapy for cervical cancer information up to date.

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Find a Cervical Cancer Clinical Trial

A variety of new and promising cancer immunotherapy treatments are only available to patients in clinical trials. The CRI Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Finder will match you to trials for which you may be eligible, and you can help speed the development of potentially lifesaving drugs for yourself and others.

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Support Cervical Cancer Research

In addition to funding groundbreaking laboratory and clinical research, the Cancer Research Institute provides trusted and unbiased information on cancer immunotherapy to patients and caregivers. One attendee of our 2020 CRI Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit shared his experience with us:  

“Thank you. My late wife and I attended a previous one in Houston and it was probably the most positive experience we had during her three-year journey with cervical cancer. Every aspect of that conference was well planned and delivered, and provided tremendous assistance to everyone who attended. Being able to meet with the leading experts in the field, a specialist in her particular type of cancer, a personal navigator, and other cancer patients, gave us hope, direction, and comfort.”

This Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, support lifesaving cancer immunotherapy research.

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