Women's History Month Stories

Lauren Veronis

CRI Board of Trustees Member

How did you become involved with CRI?  

I began my involvement in cancer research in the 1970s by working with the Irvington House (later renamed Irvington Institute), an organization dedicated to immunotherapy cancer research. I had previously run social committees with various non-profits before meeting with Dr. Ed Franklin, a renowned immunologist from NYU to learn more about this (at the time) new treatment for cancer. My conversation with Dr. Franklin was life changing because I decided to put my fundraising efforts into cancer immunotherapy research.  

I served in roles of president for 10 years and chairman of the board for 11 years. While at Irvington I was part of the group who created the first scientific advisory board. This group awarded funding to the first class of Irvington fellows.  

After I stepped away from Irvington Institute it merged with CRI and CEO Dr. Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, asked me to join the board and that began my involvement. 

Tell us more about the Through the Kitchen fundraiser.  

While at Irvington Institute, I ran an exclusive fundraiser for friends called Through the Kitchen, held at the Four Seasons Restaurant (in Manhattan). It was a unique event; guests received special access to the kitchen where they were served from various food stations. Everyone who attended helped us raise money for fellowships.  

Each Through the Kitchen event has a special theme which I am fond of. There was even one time when we brought ducks to swim in the pool (safely) at the Four Seasons. As my grandson becomes more involved in this event, I am excited to see the next generation take over fundraising for cancer immunotherapy research. 

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