Women's History Month Stories

Kellie Smith, PhD

CRI Lloyd J. Old STAR
Associate Professor of Oncology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Why did you pursue a career in science? 

I wanted to make a significant contribution to medicine in a way that would positively impact the quality of life of cancer patients.

What are you most proud of in your career? 

I have been fortunate enough to train and work with some of the most amazing students and fellows. I currently have a lab of 10 members and 8 of those are women!

Who is a woman/mentor you admire? 

Drs. Suzanne Topalian, Janis Taube, Liz Jaffee, and Julie Brahmer have each positively influenced my experience as a woman in science.

What advice do you have for women who are entering the field of science?  

Be open minded to where the data may take you. Don’t be resistant to new techniques or fields of study. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities as a scientist!

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